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Latest News
Codex food Additive Updates entered into GSFA online (2014)
Country : CODEX,
Tags : additive 2014, CAC

  On October, the Codex Alimentarius Commission (CAC) has published its 2014 Annual Report from the 37th Session held in July and the revised food additive provisions adopted by the CAC have been entered into the GSFA online. In particular Codex adop...Read More ...

New Amendments for Canada Pesticides residues in Food
Country : Canada,
Tags : pesticide, PMRA

  On Oct 20, since 1September The Pest Management agency (PMRA) published new maximum residue limits for the use of the following pesticides:  Bifenazate Link for more details Chlorpyrifos Link for more details Cyprodinil Link for more details Fomesa...Read More ...

New amendments for Canada food Additives
Country : Canada,
Tags : Health Canada, additive

  Oct 3, 2014. Health Canada published a Notice of Modification to the List of Permitted Starch-Modifying Agents to Enable the Use of Calcium Hypochlorite as a Starch-Modifying Agent. For more information:  Link  Oct 15, 2014. Health Canada published...Read More ...

US Food Pesticides
Country : United States,
Tags : title 40, pesticides, EPA

  15 October, 2014; Since September 20, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has released new pesticides tolerances and Technical Correction for the following substances: Fluensulfone (40 CFR 180.680) Thiabendazole; (40 CFR 180.242) Fluoxastrobi...Read More ...

NHFPC published “guidance on establishing and taking record of local food safety standards”
Country : China,
Tags : NHFPC

  On Oct. 9, 2014, NHFPC published <guidance on establishing and taking record of local food safety standards>. The guidance specifies the detailed work procedure and contents in the progress of establishing and taking record of local food safe...Read More ...

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